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single source
Single Sourcing

We now offer Single Sourcing Grounds Management for customers with multiple locations.

“We have multiple locations and a different service provider for each location. Managing all these companies draws our attention away from our bottom line and it’s not working. We want to continue some of those partnerships with local providers but with a single point of contact for all our needs”.

Does this sound like you?

Peninsula Landscaping Inc. will step in and manage all your locations using our self-perform vendor network. We will use strong management practices to ensure that all vendors are compliant and complete the contracted work in a timely manner. We will handle all the logistics, scheduling, timing, quality control, communication, and payment. Let us manage your grounds so you can focus on your business.

We offer ONE SOURCE, ONE INVOICE, AND ONE RESPONSIBILTY for all your business locations.

Facility Maintenance Services Include:

• Grounds Management
• Landscaping
• Parking Lot Sweeping
• Snow Removal
• Emergency Services
• Tree Care
• Parking Lot repairs, striping and sealing
• Pressure Washing