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Residential Service
Homeowners often use Peninsula Landscaping Inc. for weekly mowing services now that we also mow their neighbors lawn, the Smith’s two doors down, the Walton’s across the street, and a dozen other homeowners in the same community.

This “Market Saturation” allows us to remain competitive while offering unparalleled services to a market that requires personable services.

Our crews can spend an entire day in a subdivision and use little gas when traveling between homes. This has many benefits such as lower costs, and the ability for management to inspect all properties quickly to ensure our signature service week after week.

Our signature weekly residential services includes mowing, edging, trimming, blowing off all hard surfaces, decks, cars. We also do not leave the property until your beds are weed free on every visit. We use a Walker GHS mower. This $14,000 dollar machine is a finish mower that cuts your lawn and then vacuums it creating a “signature” pattern that you often see on large soccer fields and golf courses. We cut your property on the same day every week but will call from our office every time there is a weather related delay.

Our office is eager to hear your suggestions and requests Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

We send out newsletters every month to give you seasonal tips and advice about your yard, and we check in with you regularly to make sure you are satisfied with our services.

Our insurance policy is huge ($2,000,000) in general liability which means that you and your property are protected. Our trucks are always labeled and all employees are dressed in neat blue uniforms. We assign crew leaders to your property so you always have the same people and they know your property as if it were their own.

There are no other residential landscapers that offer this level of service and professionalism in this area.