Our Story
A lot has changed since our humble beginnings as Peninsula Lawn and Landscaping in 2008. While in our early years we focused primarily on residential maintenance, we have expanded into design, installation, and commercial grounds management. Today we maintain many high profile clients in the office, retail, and community management sectors. Our business is growing due to continuous improvement and a customer oriented, technology driven business model.

Daniel incorporated Peninsula Landscaping Inc. in 2011 out of a sense of frustration that so many nice subdivision and businesses had very poor landscaping services that resulted in loss of property value and expensive damage to existing landscape features. Many customers were being robbed by bidders who came in with low prices to maintain a property and then performed half the services contracted often without the customer’s knowledge.

Every day, property managers and residents are robbed thousands of dollars in contracted, but not performed services. After a few years, the landscape slowly deteriorates with an accumulation of deferred items that will eventually result in major renovation and expense.

Peninsula Landscaping Inc. takes pride in doing everything that we put on paper. It’s a commitment, and a promise.