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peninsula landscaping government

Peninsula Landscaping Inc. is equipped and ready to handle certain government facilities in the Virginia Area. We offer complete grounds maintenance and snow removal services.

Peninsula Landscaping Inc. has the experience, professionalism, and the desire to exceed in this industry and the most important piece, knowing your customers minimal expectations and surpassing them with optimal performance.

We have put policies and procedures in place to handle every aspect of a grounds maintenance and snow removal contract—including scheduling, staffing, equipment, and emergency back-up plans. We use cost-conscious measures that allow us to provide optimal service at a reasonable price. We have problem-solving techniques and training for our employees as well as instant point of contacts to handle issues as they arise.

We look to our customers as teammates, and both of us have the goal to make your facility grounds safe, clean, and providing a job well done.

Services available but not limited to:
• Landcape Installation
• Landscape Enhancements
• Landcape Design
• Grading
• Horticultural Consultation
• Irrigation
• Hardscaping
• Pavers
• Stone, Gravel, Boulders
• Granite Features
• Tree and Shrub Installation
• Drainage
• Erosion Solutions
• Turf Repair & Installation
• Sod
• Soil Testing and Analysis
• Landcape Master Planning
• Arbor Care